St. Thomas University and Broward College 2+2 Agreement

St. Thomas University (STU) proudly announces the partnership between Broward College and STU for a 2+2 Bachelor’s degree.  St. Thomas is a dynamic university that blends a Catholic tradition in higher education by placing a priority on excellence in teaching and encouraging service and research. Broward College has been successfully preparing students for 55 years and this new partnership allows students to continue their path to career success.  We invite you to explore the programs we offer and keep in mind that Broward College AA graduates receive a special, discounted rate.   

Program of Study to be taken at BC and/or Partner Institution

Complete General Distribution requirements. Also complete as many of the lower-level business core courses as possible to earn your AA from BC.

Course Number Course Name Number of Credits
ACG 2021/2071 Financial/Managerial Accounting 6 credits
BUL 2241 Business Law I 3 credits
CGS 1060 Introduction to Microcomputer Usage 3 credits
ECO 2013 Principles of Economics (Macro) 3 credits
ECO 2023 Principles of Economics (Micro) 3 credits
GEB 1011 Principles of Business 3 credits
GEO 2420 Introduction to Cultural Geography 3 credits
MAC 1140 Pre-Calculus Algebra 3 credits
MAC 2233 Business Calculus 3 credits
QMB 2100 Business Statistics 3 credits
REL XXX One three credit religion course 3 credits

Program of Study at St. Thomas University

  1. At least one-half of the Major Requirement courses must be taken at St. Thomas University.
  2. Only 60 credit hours from the AA will be transferred towards earning the BBA/BA at St. Thomas University.
  3. 2.00 Overall GPA and 2.25 GPA in Major Requirement courses at St. Thomas University.
  4. 30 Credits minimum at St. Thomas University. 120 credits overall.

Required Courses to be completed at St. Thomas University:

  1. PHI 369C Business Ethics (unless this requirement has been fulfilled at the transferring institution)
  2. One Religious Studies course (unless this requirement has been fulfilled as part of the AA degree)
  3. Specific Major Requirements
  4. One course in cultural diversity
  5. One course in Catholic Identity (normally satisfied by taking BUS 369C in (1) above)

St. Thomas University offers the following majors

This program prepares students for careers in public or private accounting or for positions in non-profit or government organizations.

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Cyber Security Management
This specialization is designed for students who want to pursue careers involving strategies against cyber intrusions. The curriculum includes novel practices such as ethical hacking and is an amalgam of cyber security policy making; cyber law; criminal justice; and computer science.

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This program prepares graduates for a career in finance, accounting, or general management, and unlocks a variety of career opportunities with financial institutions, other corporate entities, or in the fields of international finance or financial planning. In addition to specific finance classes, graduates will have studied the major functional activities of business.

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International Business
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business prepares the student for a career in international business, including international trade. In addition to a broad business background, students complete courses addressing a multitude of political, economic, and social issues encountered within the global economy.

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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing prepares graduates for a career in marketing management, sales management, retail merchandising and management, and marketing research, providing a variety of career opportunities. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the marketing process, and the major functional activities of business.

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Sports Administration
In 1973, St. Thomas University pioneered the first undergraduate Sports Administration. Developed by a group of nationally known sports executives, the Sports Administration program blends liberal arts, business, and sports administration courses in a curriculum designed to prepare graduates for management positions with college and school athletic programs, professional sports organizations, community and private fitness and recreation programs, and multipurpose facilities. The South Florida sports environment provides a natural laboratory setting for students to obtain valuable experience while pursuing their degrees. The Sports Administration program has been approved by the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM).

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Tourism & Hospitality Management 
This program prepares students for management careers in the growing tourism and hospitality industries. In addition to general business administration subjects, graduates will have studied the specifics of the industry, with a strong background in the liberal arts.

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Trade and Logistics Management
This specialization prepares graduates for administrative positions in the Trade and Logistics industry in South Florida and throughout the U.S. The major is particularly attractive to students who wish to learn the best practices in supply-chain management and logistics.

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All majors incorporate internships as part of the curriculum.

The School of Business also awards Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Studies; General Business; Tourism and Hospitality; and Sports Administration.